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A missing time experience part 1
George C. Andrews
My missing time experience Part 2

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In 1994, I attended the Ozark UFO Conference in the USA, which ended on April 3, Easter Sunday. LeVonne Haas and Jane Smith (a pseudonym) offered to give me a ride from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where the conference was held, to my home in Drury, Missouri. It was a beautiful spring day. As we were leaving Eureka Springs, LeVonne suggested that rather than driving straight back to Drury, we first visit the area known as Spook Light Hill near Joplin, Missouri, even though it would mean a considerable detour. Neither Jane or I had ever been to Spook Light Hill, though we had heard about it, and we thought it was a fine idea. So, off we went toward Joplin in leisurely fashion, stopping off twice at restaurants, but not partaking of any alcoholic beverages. Speaking for myself, I can say that on that particular day, my system was drug-free. Later conversations established that this was also the case for Jane and LeVonne. Again at the suggestion of LeVonne, we stopped off briefly to visit the huge 65-foot-tall Christ of the Ozarks statue, especially appropriate since it was Easter Sunday. We reached the area near Joplin known for the manifestations of the Spook Lights (reports of these lights go back to the time when Native American Indians lived in the area). We arrived at the well-known, but difficult-to-find little road about 6pm.

We estimated that it would be about another two hours before there was full darkness, considering the height of the sun above the horizon and considering the duration of twilight. LeVonne is a sky-diver, owns and pilots her own airplane, which she has been flying all over for many years, so she has considerable experience with such matters. UFO research is only one of her sky interests, which is why she was attending the conference.

We didn't expect to see anything before dark, and two hours seemed a long time to wait. I suggested that we spend a quarter of an hour watching in broad daylight on the off-chance that we might see something. LeVonne and Jane agreed to this. We parked for about half an hour, and were about to drive away, when we noticed two other cars parked further down the road, and drove down to where they were. We all laughed in surprise on finding out that they had also attended the Ozark UFO Conference, and had independently had the same idea that we did. Only a few minutes after we had joined these people, one of them who had binoculars shouted out that he saw something. LeVonne had already noticed it, but did not speak up loudly enough to catch my attention. We were standing about twenty feet apart at the time.

A light of some kind was visible through the trees, even without binoculars. It was not large. Its brightness fluctuated at irregular intervals between very bright and so dim as to be barely visible. Sometimes it would disappear completely, but would then reappear, sometimes at the same location, sometimes at a slightly different location. It was comparable to a blue-white diamond.

The question was raised as to whether the light was paranormal, or from equipment on some nearby farm. It was, after all being seen through the trees, close to ground level. LeVonne offered to drive down the road to check it out. Jane and I joined her. By my watch it was then about 6:50pm, and it was still broad daylight. The little road known as Spook Light Road is only three and a half miles long, and we started out from about half a mile down the road, so the total distance covered by a round trip down to the end of the road and back would be about six miles. We drove down the road at a moderate rate of speed I'd estimate at about 30 miles per hour, which gave us ample opportunity to look around the landscape for light sources, such as might be on farm equipment. Of course, farmers would not normally turn on such lights in broad daylight. We did not see any such light source. When we got to the end of the road and turned around, it was definitely still broad daylight. There was a farmyard with a man and a dog at the end of the road, and we distinctly remember having seen them in broad daylight.

Jane was sitting in the backseat. I was sitting in the front seat beside LeVonne, who was driving. We had driven only a short way back up the road when Jane exclaimed with urgency:

"I see the light! It's getting brighter and it's coming after us! Look! Stop the car - Look!"

Upon hearing this, I tried to turn to look out the rear window, but found myself unable to make the necessary movements, as if my back had become paralysed. First I turned around the wrong way. I was disoriented and my movements were uncharacteristically clumsy. By the time I managed to turn my head to look out the rear window, Jane had repeated her exclamatory remarks with minor variations several times. When at last I managed to look at the rear window, a golden light much larger and brighter than the one I had seen previously did appear to be approaching, but what put me into a state of shock was seeing this light against a night sky. Somehow we were already surrounded by full night-time darkness. What had happened to dusk? As we watched, the light receded and diminished.

LeVonne had to turn on her dashboard light to check the time. Suddenly she realised it was an hour later than the time indicated by the clock. Daylight Savings Time had become effective during the night, and she had not yet changed the clock in the car. It was then that she first began to suspect that we may have LOST an hour. We determined that rather than ask any pointed questions of the people at the other end, we would wait to hear their reaction We definitely did not want to influence their thinking. We wanted honest answers that were not distorted by any suggestions on our part.

I also checked my watch as we drove back. I had previously adjusted it to daylight savings. It was about 8.10pm. It had apparently taken us one hour and twenty minutes to drive six miles.

Our arrival back where the other cars were was greeted with comments like, "Hey, you guys have been gone a long time!" and "Those lights went crazy while you were gone. I couldn't believe my eyes. They were going wild like lightning streaks. One of them went straight up and out of sight." "Yeah, and all the dogs were barking."

We hadn't heard any dogs barking, or seen the fantastic display of lights they described. We were in a state of shock, and did not feel like discussing whatever had just occurred, remembering only that we had gone without transition in what had seemed a matter of seconds from broad daylight to full night-time darkness.

I was loaned the pair of binoculars, and watched the lights for several minutes. They fluctuated in size, number and intensity. At times they would break up into as many as four lights, one or several of which would suddenly start to spin and dash around with great rapidity, making streaks of light like luminous spaghetti in the sky. They were usually white or yellow, but at times were tinged with (or became) blue, green or red.

Jane suggested we go to the nearest place where we could find a rest room and a cup of coffee. She mentioned feeling uncomfortable because her underpants were inexplicably wet. I felt physically normal, clear-headed and hungry. We got into the car with LeVonne.

I should mention that upon our return, we found that during our absence the two cars containing three people from the Eureka Springs conference had been joined by a third car, containing six teenagers. Jane later remarked that she had felt an irrational fear of these teenagers, who left shortly before we did. As they drove off, I noticed that their vehicle had no license plate. There may have been some prosaic explanation for this, but under the circumstances it did indeed seem odd to find a blank where the license plate should be. I was momentarily taken aback, so consider it a detail worth mentioning.

Another such detail is the abandoned brown car with a professional looking antenna which we passed both coming and going, near the entrance to Spook Light Road. Upon leaving, we stopped to ask a farmer how best to get back to a main road, and he volunteered the information that tho vehicle had been abandoned for several days. As our minds were focused on finding a rest room and a cup of coffee as promptly as possible, we didn't think to write down the abandoned vehicle's license number, nor had we thought to exchange names and addresses with the three people who had also attended the conference. We were in a state of shook, and such details seemed of little or no importance. Later, of course, we regretted not having attended to these details.

After we got to a truck-stop restaurant and felt more comfortable, we compared our respective memories of what had happened. All three of us had blanked out simultaneously as the light approached our car in broad daylight, and all three regained consciousness simultaneously as the light was receding against a night-time sky. None of us could remember any of what happened during the missing time. We decided that we needed help.

We first phoned John Carpenter, an abduction researcher based in nearby Springfield, Missouri, but he was busy and was unable to talk with us at the time. We declined his offer to describe our experience to the tape of his answering machine, and instead phoned our mutual friend Forest Crawford, an abduction researcher based in Collinsville, Illinois, for whom all three of us have high esteem. After we described what we could remember, Forest suggested that we try to explore the missing time under regressive hypnosis, working with different hypnotists and refraining from comparing notes with each other until the hypnosis sessions had been completed. After making the phone call, we left the restaurant, and proceeded directly to the barn in the forest where I live in Drury, which we reached about 3am. Jane and LeVonne then continued on to St. Louis.

When I woke up around noon on the following day, April 4, I examined my body for any unusual marks or bruises, but found none, nor did I notice any physical discomfort. I had an intuitive impression that the experience was in some way connected with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, which Anna Mitchell-Hedges had permitted me to spend time with during my trip to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1987, but am so far unable to come up with a logical explanation for this apparently irrational intuitive impression. The following lines came to mind, so l wrote them down, though they certainly don't constitute a complete poems

" . . . from within the Crystal Skull,
images flicker like rippling water,
exploding cosmic Easter egg.
multidimensional vortex point . . ."

I also remembered that on the morning before leaving the conference, Jane and I had crossed the path of George Wingfield, with whom I had briefly discussed the Crystal Skull.

Another incident which occurred that morning took place while I was waiting outside the conference building for LeVonne and Jane, who had gone to get the car out of the parking lot. Joe Palermo came up to me and asked how I was going to get home. I replied that LeVonne and Jane had offered me a lift. He told me he had been on a Sky Watch with Jane a few years earlier, driving home from which they had both experienced about an hour of missing time. He Jokingly suggested that something similar might happen to me, It turned out not to be a Joke at all, since that was exactly what happened. After I said goodbye to Joe, a lady came over and bought a copy of my book, then told me a story that culminated in a reference to the Christ Light.

April 7th, 1994, was my 68th. birthday. during which I went over the events of April 3 yet again:

Here are my conclusions. We were taken at the time Jane was looking out the back window, repeating what she had Just said several times, and I was having such unusual difficulty in turning around. I suspect that the light came and took us as Jane spoke for the first time, and took the entire automobile, returning it to the road about an hour and twenty minutes later. There may have been some sort of hypnotic command to prevent me from retrieving the memory of the missing time, telling us to return to the point and positions we were in Just before being taken. This caused Jane to repeat the exclamations she had made before being taken. We were ordered to pick up from where we had left off, and it would have all been seamless, their intervention might never have been noticed, if the missing time had not corresponded with the period of dusk. It was the shook of going with no transition from day to night that made us realise something paranormal had occurred. I think we didn't hear the barking dogs or see the fantastic light display because we were inside one of the fantastic lights at the time.

LeVonne, who has studied hypnosis, decided that, rather than explore our experience under hypnosis, she preferred to rely on recall, which has not occurred and is not likely to at this late date. She, too, will submit to hypnosis when the time seems right, unless, of course, she does succeed in recalling the events of that memorable evening. Jane and I chose different hypnotists, and had our hypnosis sessions a few weeks later. We refrained from comparing notes until after the sessions were completed.

In the material that surfaced, there were some similarities and some differences. We both remembered being on board a craft that was not of this world, where there was a mist in the air, which Jane remembered as white and I remembered as bluish. We both found it particularly difficult to get the faces of the entities into focus. I remembered only one type of entity, similar to humans but taller, somewhat like Vikings seven to eight feet tall, in what resembled blue ski-suits, except for their leader, who wore a white garment similar to an Arab burnoose. I had no memory of Grays. Jane remembered having first been among Grays about six feet tall, who put her on a table and subjected her to a gynaecological examination which left her feeling sick to her stomach. She felt they were putting her on display as a rare specimen. She was allowed to rest for a bit in a dark cubicle, and then was passed on to a different group of beings who were even taller and had normal human skin. Though unable to remember faces, she did remember that the second group wore uniforms. Her description of this second group correlates with what I remember as the only group. I remember being put in what resembled a dentists chair with a metal cap on top of my head. I think my consciousness was outside of my body, temporarily parked beside my body, at that point. I was told telepathically that this was a tune-up rather than a fundamental restructuring. I also remember being put in front of a large eye without a face, suspended in mid-air, whose function seemed to be to scan me on both the physical and subtle levels.

Jane and I both feel that our respective hypnotists scrupulously refrained from asking any leading questions. However, since the memories that surfaced under hypnosis contained differences as well as similarities, the extent to which screen memories may have contaminated actual memories must be considered. Although it is now four years since the incident occurred, the investigation of it remains far from complete.

News of the incident spread quickly among our friends and acquaintances one of whom took it upon himself to write it up, without consulting us. Bob Soetebier collaborated with Sam Uptegrove on a garbled and distorted version of the event which made absurd claims then published it in Uptegrove's Amateur Ufology News. Both Bob and Sam had my phone number, and could easily have obtained Jane's and LeVonne's. Although the article was based on what Bob rembered us as saying, he admitted he had taken no notes. He and Sam had rushed into print with it, without bothering to check the details with those who had actually had the experience, just to make sure that Bob's memory was accurate. As it tuned out, it was not. Bob's memory had apparently played tricks with him, since his version of the event differed significantly from what LeVonne and Jane and myself had been saying. This garbled version of the event was seen by the three witnesses who had been present in the other two cars, who identified themselves as Beverly Trout and. Pat and Christy Howard. Whether it was because they thought we had approved of the article and were making irresponsible claims, or whether it wee for some other reason they repudiated it and us by stating that they had no perception of anyting unusual taking place.

We were not intereested in publicity, and did not at any point attempt to attract attention to ourselves, beyond seeking help from recognised experts in this field of research in an attempt to discover the truth of what had happened during our alleged missing time. I don't think that Bob Soetebier acted with malice aforethought when he took it upon himself to write and distribute nation-wide the garbled version of the event, without our knowledge or consent, in order to damage our credibility. I think he was merely unwise and premature in his enthusiasm, with little or no previous experience in writing for publication. Unfortunately, the damage had been done just as effectively as if he had been an agent assigned to the task.

Besides the physical memories that surfaced during my regression, there was a definite metaphysical content, which separated out quite naturally from the physical details, as if it was a message I had been entrusted with that was independent of the physical details.

Jane wishes to make clear that she has no memory of any type of mission statement, and that I speak only for myself in this, but agrees that it was a consciousness-raising experience.

Here is the metaphysical content of my regression:

"It's as if we each dissolve into a swirl of colours that culminates in musical tones and frequencies. The swirling multicolored lights become music, and the music goes in to the music of all musics. It's like a taste of the music that made the worlds, as if the Big Bang was a burst of music, as if the Big Bang was harmonious and really musical in nature. This is the music from before the worlds were created, out of which the worlds were created, and into which they will dissolve. By each finding our essence and identifying with it, we make contact with the luminous colours which lead to that original music. The whole point of being alive is to give expression to the music of all musics"

The mission is to heal the Earth and the forms of life upon it, to restore the balance of nature, to make of the Earth a garden where all things perfect be. It is only the music which can do that, as it is more powerful than any weaponry, and you each have it within you. Even a few traces of that music can do more to transform the world than all the logical arguments of the politicians and rational expositions of the scientists. Some of the scientists do give expression to that music in their formulas, but often they do not know it, or want to admit it even if they do know it. One can give expression to that music through harmoniously creative activities of any kind.

The purpose of the mission is to heal the Earth. The way to accomplish the mission is to manifest the music from before the worlds were created, in this world here and now, in whatever way we can that is appropriate to our circumstances, through actions of any kind that help to transform this planet, our one and only home star, into what it should be: the garden of the universe, instead of a toxic waste dump.

Initially the people must be alerted to the aanger represented by the predatory reptilian ETs, as a preliminary to ridding the planet of them. Most dangerous are the Reptilians in human form, camouflaged within the government. Most of the government has no idea of the extent to which they hove been infiltrated. We are here to short-circuit the Reptilian strategy for transforming this planet into a slave colony, where humans would be used like we have been using cattle, pigs and chickens. We have only a slim chance of succeeding, but it is better than no chance at all. Once the State of Emergency is declared, under martial law it would no longer be possible to make the necessary changes. It would be the same horror scene as under the Nazis or the Aztecs, repeated all over again, with the death camps set up to feed the Reptilians.

The thing to remember is that for the positively-oriented forces from elsewhere in the cosmos to intervene, they must have a platform for manifestation. The main thing that humans of Earth can do is to offer the necessary support, the positively-oriented energy that provides a platform for positively-oriented entities from elsewhere who are spontaneously in resonance with such energy patterns. The positively-oriented forces from elsewhere will not intervene unless a clear majority of us call out to them. They will not come unless we call them down. If evil is dominant in human hearts, they can't come through. So that is why the mission has to be. That is why we must get the message through.

Those who align themselves with the positive energies bring in the positive forces. Those whose hearts are clouded over, who think only for themselves and are dominated by greed or other base emotions, call in the Reptilians. That is how it works. So long as the maJority is of a base nature, the Reptilians will be dominant. We are here to drive out the Reptilians, because they are our enemies also.

That is why the battle is for people's souls, why we have to reach everyone to get them to understand it is within their power to bring about this change. But they can only do it by aligning themselves with God, no matter how they perceive divinity or what names they use to describe it. No matter what religion they practice, they should sincerely practice it, or else invent their own. It is essential to live directly instead of vicariously through a TV screen, under the delusion that there's no more to life than watching TV, and being cynical about everything else. If enough people wake up in time to take appropriate action, Earth will not become a slave colony for the Reptilians. The positively-oriented ETs will drive them from the planet, and they will have to go elsewhere in the cosmos for the nourishment they seek.

Even if the news media refuses to touch these topics, there is a telepathic effect that is independent of the news media. There is a psychic osmosis through which ideas whose time has come will spread, even if deliberately ignored by the media. Since it's a holographic universe, one person reaching supreme awareness can spread it from mind to mind telepathically, by-passing the media and the covert censorship it surreptitiously imposes.

George C. Andrews, © 1998